Quote from Industry Experts | World Students’ Day 2020

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“World Students’ Day celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of former President, DR. APJ Abdul Kalam, who amongst many laudable feats, was known for his commitment to the field of education and his love for students. To honor his legacy, we must take a pledge to ensure that each and every child in our country is able to access equitable, quality education. While the new National Education Policy is a way forward in the right direction, we need to introduce many more reforms to address the woes of students and build a nurturing ecosystem. Dr Kalam once said that society can be built only when the students are made proficient in their subjects, and therefore an increased focus on skilling and up-skilling is indispensable. With changing times, it is also essential that we adapt digitalization in education at a larger scale, and resources for the same are made available to all students. Let us move forward with a firm resolve to bring Dr. Kalam’s vision to life and create the right learning environment, to forge the leaders of tomorrow.- Dr. Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group

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