The SAGE Foundation has with NGOs, Corporate CSR, Foundations and local communities over the last few years to train 10,000+ underprivileged youth get jobs in the corporate world at salaries ranging from Rs. 2.50 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh per annum.

A recent survey revealed that 100% of our graduates still retained their jobs in spite of widespread COVID related layoffs.

Most of our students were placed in companies like:

Student Success stories

We are proud of many of our students who’ve succeeded in spite of the incredible odds against them. Some of their stories are given below: 

Some of the stories are given below:

Nagma Ansari

Nagma, 20 is bent on taking the banking course to better her chances of getting a white-collar job. Her mother, a housewife, sold her jewellery to put Nagma through college despite opposition from her father.

Edwyn D'Souza

Edwyn is the son of a rickshaw driver, but he dreamed of playing football professionally. After graduating with the Diploma in Banking, he has a high paying job in Standard Chartered Bank. He has also achieved his dream with the bank sending him to play football in Liverpool, UK for the bank's team.

Taskeen Qadri

Taskeen has a single mother who earns a pittance as a security guard. Their financial condition was so dire that they couldn't pay rent for their home and were kicked out on the street. After completing one of the Banking Course, Taskeen is an executive at Kotak Bank & is able to support her family with her salary.